History of Merrill
"There used to be 60 trains a day here."


    In the winter Plains Indians came back to more permanent structures made of wood and sod.  Woodland Indians lived around wooded areas in more permanent dwellings.  Indians that did happen to live here were Plains Indians that had taken on some Woodland Indian traits.  That means they stayed right near the Floyd River for the water and food rather than chase buffalo.  There were lots of catfish in the river named after Charles Floyd.  Mr. Floyd was a U.S. Army Sergeant in the Lewis and Clark expedition back in the early 1800's.  He passed away during the trip up the Missouri River and was buried in Sioux City in August of 1804.  There is a tall monument in Sioux City in honor of this man who died exploring the west.  What was to be the town of Merrill was a very lonely place until the arrival of settlers.

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