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Merrill City Hall

608 Main Street 712-938-2514

Mayor Rich Husman 712-938-2237

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New Merrill Commercial Zone

City Information:

Campground at City Park

$15 per night $80 per week

Call City Hall @ 608 Main Street 712-938-2514

Kissinger Community Center Rental Rates

City of Merrill Building Permit Rates

2016 Water Test Results
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Meetings every third Monday of the month @ 7:00 PM
City Council Room

Upper Level



GENERAL: $9,125.25, ROAD USE: $9,781.61, WATER: $1,156.19, SEWER: $938.63, LIBRARY: $3,027.71, AMBULANCE: $719.16, LO-OP TAX: $6,335.29, FIRE: $87.76, TOTAL: $31,171.60

GENERAL: Midamerican 841.37, ChaseCard, maint clothing 105.24, OC Sanitation 2,486.50, Ply. Co Solid Waste 2,345.40, Premier 109.65, Hoffman Farms, partial pmt Main St building 11,000.00, Casey’s, fuel 29.34, Sentinel, printing 82.25, Dave’s Electric, park exp 362.22, Indoff, office supp 303.32, IMWCA wkm comp 594.00, IA One Call 22.50, Menards, park 160.60, Murphy, legal 150.00, Ply. Co, pipe 2,778.60, Ply. Feeds, supp 44.42, Select Fire, annual 126.00, Sherlock, Kissinger maint 87.00, Staber, Kissinger supp 170.80, Postmaster, newsletter 91.96-amb flyer 194.97, Total: $22,085.94, payroll x-fer $4,416.18, Balance General $(43,746.02).
ROAD USE: Midamerican 1,107.27, OC Sanitation 10.00, Pinnacle Bank, bobcat 3,175.09, Bomgaars, supp 36.09, Casey’s, fuel 109.63, Ply. Feeds, supp 54.41, Sooland Bobcat, maint 222.99, Verizon 25.17, Total: $4,740.65, payroll x-fer 2,395.60, Balance Road Use $41,138.63
WATER: Midamerican 590.04, Premier 34.77, Pinnacle Bank, bobcat 3,175.09, Bomgaars, supp 93.50, Casey’s, fuel 23.48, Dave’s Electric, repairs 150.95, Elect. Eng, supp 316.97, IA DNR, fee 86.95, Mueller, maint 393.75, Ply. Feeds, supp 82.01, Verizon 26.16, IA Dept Rev, tax 945.00, Total $5,917.67, payroll x-fer 1,367.74, Balance Water $(78,731.99)
SEWER: Midamerican 61.65, CenturyLink 45.90, Pinnacle Bank, bobcat 3,175.08, Casey’s, fuel 23.48, McClure, eng fee 19,335.00, Mueller, maint 393.75, NW Appraisal, lagoon exp 750.00, Verizon 25.17, IA Dept Rev, tax 62.00, Total: $23,872.03, payroll x-fer 1,256.99, Balance Sewer $76,294.13
LIBRARY: ChaseCard, supp 170.03, Premier 34.77, Baker & Taylor, books 468.81, Total: $673.61, payroll x-fer 934.28, Balance Library $43,100.87
AMBULANCE: Midamerican 24.34, Premier 32.04, Certified Amb, billing 326.52, Verizon 35.08, Total: $417.98, Balance Ambulance: $24,162.60
POLICE: Midamerican 100.00, D Lich, phone 50.00, CaseCard, supp 3.95, Premier 78.42, Branum, maint 90.95, Casey’s, fuel 442.36, Indoff, supp 139.96, Murphy, legal 140.00, Verizon 40.01, Total: 1,085.65 payroll x-fer 5,612.18 Balance Police: $70,457.76
FIRE: Midamerican 73.02, OC Sanitation 9.00, Casey’s, fuel 108.45, Kingsley Fire, training 50.00, Select Fire, annual 82.00, station loan 1,363.46, Total: $1,685.93, Balance Fire: $47,448.66
PAYROLL: Wages, FICA, IPERS, ins, unemp., $20,601.00
TOTAL: $81,080.46


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm, Mayor Husman leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Council present: Norgaard, Pierson, Hemmelman, Conley. Absent: Seiler.
Motion by Norgaard, 2nd by Hemmelman to approve minutes of 6/19. All voted aye.
Motion by Conley, 2nd by Pierson to approve treasurer’s report. All voted aye.
Resident asked Council to consider again to limit number of pets per residence.
Ambulance director explained critical need for volunteers. City will send flyer to all Merrill addresses.
Return to work policy will be tabled until Union contract is considered again on Attorney Murphy’s advice.
Campsite addition was discussed. Motion by Pierson, 2nd by Hemmelman to commit $5,000 Economic Development funds as amount to be shown on grant application. All voted aye.
Motion by Pierson, 2nd by Hemmelman to apply for REAP grant and authorize Mayor to sign grant. All voted aye.
Sewer and water rate increases were discussed and will be studied for action at next meeting.
Motion by Norgaard, 2nd by Pierson to block Main Street and 2nd from Calhoun to Douglas for a car show. All voted aye.
Kissinger gym floor options were presented to the Council. Motion by Norgaard, 2nd by Hemmelman to apply for grant for this project. All voted aye.
Motion by Norgaard, 2nd by Conley to approve building permit for fence for Webb. All voted aye.
Motion by Norgaard, 2nd by Hemmelman to allow bills. All voted aye.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Margaret Marienau, City Clerk​​​Richard Husman, Mayor


businesses churches clubs history
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